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Who's Claire at Ch9 Design?

Learn about Claire and her work at Ch9, with design at the heart of the brand.

Motivating you to be more effective when it comes to marketing and design*

*My Brand Audit is perfect for you if you’ve already got an existing brand but want to make sure it’s working as well as possible for you. Ensuring that your website, social media and your marketing campaigns are adapting to your target audience and analytics, as well as using the latest algorithms and SEO to reach your audience.

This Brand Audit guides you through my findings and recommendations and is an affordable way of adding value to the way you market yourself. 
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Does your content tell a compelling story? 
63% of people remember stories vs analytics

Be recent, relatable and meaningful. When potential customers see that you're posting content that matters to them, they are more likely to follow you and trust your business (Google will also trust you!), and sign up to receive newsletters and promotions from you.

Those days of posting a few photos on Instagram and Facebook for your business have past a few years ago. Times have changed algorithms are more advanced, hashtags more strategic, followers are bored, and platforms are becoming pay to play spaces.


Social media management and Email Marketing is no longer an admin job. It’s a marketing job and needs a professional providing the creative and technical skills in strategy, content planning, data management, and cross selling online.  

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