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Learn about Claire and her work at Ch9, with design at the heart of the brand.

Motivating you to be more effective when it comes to branding and design*

*My Brand Audit is perfect for you if you’ve already got an existing brand but want to make sure it’s working as well as possible for you. Ensuring that your website, social media and your marketing campaigns are adapting to your target audience and analytics, as well as using the latest algorithms and SEO to reach your audience.

This Brand Audit guides you through my findings and recommendations and is an affordable way of adding value to the way you market yourself. Send me an email if you’d like to find out more. 

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Dogs First

CH9 did a Brand Audit for my business, it was brilliant! I was given a report with some great feedback and clever ideas to improve my business, things that i would never have thought of or been able to do myself. Really impressed, such a valuable experience, exceeded my expectations.

Diane Aben Pilates

Claire designed my website and my logo a couple of years ago and I was delighted with the way she translated my vision of the business. She has just revamped it (times have moved on quickly since!), suggested improvements and new features to make it more attractive and again, she has captured the evolution of my services perfectly. Her marketing knowledge, her advice and suggestions have proved invaluable. I am looking forward to work with Claire again on new projects!

Sussex Woodshed

As I was setting up my small business, I approached Claire to design a logo and set of business cards that would reflect my personality and the nature of the business. Claire got the design spot on first time and I was chuffed with the results! I will definitely be using CH9 again in the future.