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Here are my Sustainability Commitments for CH9 Design:

When it comes to living a sustainable Eco Friendly life I can say I’m not perfect but I have simplified where I can and I've decluttered and live a fairly minimal lifestyle. I re-cycle, up-cycle, shop responsibly and source food locally where possible. Overseas trips are few and far between, thankfully 2020 has directed us to slow down (a blessing for the planet which I am in support of).

I’m mindful of decisions for natural resources and using technology to positively assist Evolution.

I work from home mostly and should my circumstances change then I will be taking the hybrid working option for my own sustainability and the environment's.

In all aspects of my business I try to consider the impact I am having on the environment. In some areas I have made changes already, in other areas I have plans for change, and in other areas I’m working on it.

Below I have set out what I do currently and some of what I plan to do in the future. I will be adding to this as projects get bigger and time marches on.


Paper and Printing

For print projects I have influence on recommending print stock that holds FSC® certified paper stocks (Forest Stewardship Council) “tick tree” logo or recycled paper.

All CH9 Design business cards, leaflets and posters are FSC® certified.

FSC® certified paper uses wood pulp which is sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner from a well-managed forest.

When printing anything I consider the purpose of it. If it is for my eyes only, I will print in fast quality and grey scale to save ink. I only use colour or best quality when absolutely necessary.


Currently I am looking for a local printer that shares my vision for sustainability and ethical use of labour and that will be able to print on sustainable, recyclable paper stocks with non toxic inks and vegetable base inks.


Digital Print

My preferred Eco Friendly option. The technology has improved for good print quality and its efficient with digital print projects. Its great for small run and the laser toners and uses less energy to print paper. Less CO2 is produced, greenhouse gasses and pollutants are minimised.


Litho Print

I am mindful of using printers using presses with fully automated wash systems for a more efficient make ready time, which reduces the paper and water consumption.

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