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5 Steps To Improve Your Online Marketing And Sales

Are you're feeling frustrated with social media and algorithms? You're spending valuable money and time crafting content, tirelessly competing for likes and comments and not getting the results?

Yes! I hear you. It's understandable, here are some of many reasons why:

- Followers are fickle

- Some content is temporary

- Its out of your control what happens on the platform

- Your account has been hacked

- Advertising too expensive to reach your audience

- People spending less time on social media

So what can you do to improve marketing and sales, leaving you to do what you love?

Have two platforms when it comes to marketing, social media and email. Use both cohesively with the objective to building your email marketing database.

Focus on creating connections through social media and providing opportunities to connect with you on your emails. Add value and build trust with your followers.

Get smart about simplifying and automating your process to save time, growing your email marketing business with a strong client base and communicating information direct to them.

Here are 5 steps to get you started:

1. Focus social media efforts on one platform

Research and choose which platform has the right tools for your business whether it’s eCommerce, live streams, Q&As, or creating an inclusive community.

2. Devise a social media strategy

With brand pillars, plan ahead per quarter with impactful content - a mix of real-time moments as well as planned - set schedules at least 2 weeks in advance.

You can sign up with me for a Social Media Strategy Session by clicking here

There are free platforms available for scheduling content. For example, is great for Instagram, and Facebook Creator Studio is best for Facebook.

Top tip. If a social media platform has an in-house studio, then use it as they will favour your posts over a 3rd Party.

3. Choose a platform to grow your email subscribers

Mailchimp is my preferred platform for the easy integration with websites, personalised emails, and the ability to test different versions of a single email to see how small changes can have an impact on your results. Choosing what you want to test, like the subject line or content, and compare results to find out what works and what doesn't work for your audience.

Top tip. Give subscribers a reason to opt-in to your email list. Reward them with exclusive info in their inbox. Launch your next offering to your faithful subscribers. To get new subscribers share your exclusive offers with a call to action on social media to subscribe to emails. Maybe its exclusive content, free shipping or discount codes?

4. Set-up automated emails to your subscribers

There are options to send welcome and sequence emails. Welcome emails have a 91% open rate and can generate up to 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails - ref Campaign Monitor.

5. Direct followers from your social media feed to sign-up to your emails

Creating a sign-up page is easy and you don’t need a website. A simple landing page can achieve this.


I hope that you find this useful. Leave your comments and feedback on this post. Alternatively, a Google review is always welcome and very much appreciated. To leave me a review click here

If you need support with any of the below, let me know by email

- Mailchimp account set up

- Putting the correct foundations in place

- Email personalisation

- Designing templates

- Creating email automations and sequence flows

- Managing your email marketing

I am a certified partner with Mailchimp Academy, the process getting my certificate was pretty intense, which included taking over 30 exams where I had to demonstrate my abilities and knowledge on how to use the email marketing platform.

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