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What Is A Brand Audit? Why Is It Essential To Your Business

This Brand Audit is a health check which ensures that your website, social media, and marketing, are adapting to your target audience and analytics, as well as using the latest algorithms and SEO to reach your audience.

My Brand Audit is an affordable way of adding value to the way you market yourself. This works cohesively with your business, checks the most important factors on your channels that affect visibility in local searches on Google.

I will guide you through my findings and recommendations. It is perfect for you if you’ve already got an existing brand but want to make sure it’s working as well as possible for you.

Why Is It Essential To Your Business?

Google scans your website content for Quality Content, Title Tags, Backlinks and Keywords. If this is poor, and with page errors, this will affect your Google ranking. The content on your site is one of the biggest influencers when it comes to where your website ranks. If you want to rank higher, this is where you need to start.

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