Planning for social media posts is key, as well as measuring the success.Social Media management needs a strategy to implement.

This Social Media Strategy Session involves a review of analytics, get to know your audience and how to target them with an organic growth. Look at what content you have to use for the social media, alongside marketing and forecasted business activity. 


This involves researching the following:

How to identify the average age group?
What posts have more engagement?
Where are your customers?
How to target them?
How to manage social media themes and posts?
Which hashtags to use?

From this session, a full report will be provided.


It will be clear from the findings how to proceed with a *social media content plan. 

* Social Media Management not included. However, I can fully support this, providing a quote on request. 


This vouchers entitles one business owner to a Social Media Strategy Session. Valid for one use per customer.

Social Media Strategy

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